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Hi! Ho!

Hi. I'm Lucy. I love to write and I love to write about pussies. Wet and buzzing ones, especially. Hence the name of this blog and I'll do my best to live up to its name. That's a promise.

This is not my first blog, but hopefully one that doesn't get deleted anytime soon.

Here Be Pussies is a place to post about the stuff I write. Stories, books, snippets. Stuff. Pics, too, once in a while. And maybe, if something piques my interest, it might be about anything else, too.
Because, yanno, it's my blog and I can damn well post whatever I want.


But mostly it's about the stuff I write. Or stuff I wrote. Most of it fiction, some of it based on personal experience. And here it comes, one of my first attempts at writing fiction in English (not based on personal experience):


He's driving the motorcycle way too fast and has to lie into the curve until the footrest almost scratches the tarmac is carried dangerously close to the other side of the narrow road. Just when he's sure that he won't crash into the undergrowth on the shoulder and straightens the bike up again, he glimpses something out of the corner of his eye. No, wrong, it's not something, it's someone. A person walking in the direction he is heading, on the other side of the narrow road. He slows down, already a good 50 yards past, and takes a look in the mirror. If he's not completely mistaken, it's a woman, tall, slender, with lots of blonde hair. He breaks and turns around. Now he takes a close look at her when he drives past her, slower this time.
'Wow!' is all he can think. He blinks his eyes and shakes his head, but she's no apparition and doesn't vanish. That's not just a woman, that's the hottest chick he's ever laid his eyes on, and he has met some beautiful girls, back in the day when he still hung out with his biker friends. She's got all the right curves on the right places, long blonde hair, her hips sway the way they should, the high heels clicking on the asphalt and ahh... those tits... he shakes his head again.
He breaks and brings the bike around another time, slowly driving up to her. So far she didn't even as much as glance in his direction.
"Hello, honey."
Now she looks at him, with eyes full of promises, her pink tongue wetting her lips. But she still doesn't say a word.
'I can play it cool too', the guy thinks and motions to the bitch seat of the bike with a slight movement of his head. She doesn't hesitate for a second and brings her leg up, revealing even more of her tanned skin when the short skirt hikes up her thigh.
As soon as she's seated he opens the throttle and they race along the road. Her hands are around his waist and he feels her breasts through the leather jacket. Then one of her hands wanders down and starts fumbling with his zipper. She gets a grip on him and does her magic.
He cannot believe his luck.

He spots a small resting area ahead and slows down. He kills the engine, pries her hand off his dick and gets off the bike. Grabbing her arm he pulls her off too, pushing her roughly to the ground where she immediately spreads her legs, looking up at him with that look full of promises. Two seconds later his already buried deep inside her hot and wet pussy, pounding into her as hard as he can. She moans and gasps, her nails digging into his shoulder, but something is wrong. He doesn't notice, though, he's too busy having his first orgasm. When he's finished, he gets up again, zipping his pants.
"That was a good fuck, honey. What's your name?"
"A454-C" she replies.
"Huh? What?" he asks again, thinking 'I found myself a psychopathic bombshell. But who cares as long as the fucking's that good.'
"My name is A454-C. Prototype."
He looks at her as if she's just lost the last of her marbles. Which she surely has.
"You mean... you're some... kind of... robot?"
"Android, yes. Half human, half machine. I'm the newest prototype of"
"Yes, of course." He smiles mildly at her. "And what are you doing here?"
"I walk along the street."
"Yeah, but why?"
"I don't know. I guess I'm programmed to do it. Just like I'm programmed to please you. Wanna fuck again?"
He doesn't need to be asked twice. He fucks her another time, and this time he realizes that something is wrong. Her moans and gasps are lifeless, devoid of emotion. But he doesn't care too much, her cunt is hot and wet and tight and that's all he's asking for. This time it takes longer for him to climax. He rolls off of her and lies on his back when she straddles him. He has the feeling as if she's sucking him in, and in fact she is. Her strong pussy muscles suck blood into his penis. He soon cums again. And then another time. He can't believe this. The last couple of times he had sex he was glad when he managed to cum two times in a night. Eventually he doesn't think anything anymore, he sort of slips away, numbed and dazed.
She relentlessly keeps on fucking him. She fucks him when the sun sets and she still fucks him when the sun rises. She doesn't even stop when he's dead.

Somewhen in the afternoon, a car appears around a bend in the road and stops behind the motorcycle. It's a white van with written in pink letters along it's side. Two men get out and walk over to the blonde.
"Damn, she's done it again" says one of them, bends down a bit and flicks a switch behind her left ear. She immediately becomes immobile.
"Yeah, fucked the poor guy to death." They grab one of her arms each, lift her off the cold man on the ground and load her into the back of the van. Then they get into the car and drive off.
"Damn, we need to find out what's wrong with her. That was the fourth in a month," the driver says after a while, lighting a cigarette.

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